This site was created in loving memory of Aunty Marian aka Bubby. We are not experts in the treatment of cancer, but our aim is to centralize the main sources of information from industry specialists.

Talking with Children about Cancer


  • For the Kids

One of the biggest problems with dealing with cancer is how to deal with children and helping them to cope. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute is an excellent resource for explaining treatments, questions kids usually ask, understanding what kids want to know.

dana faber
Another fantastic resource for parents and families is telling kids about cancer. This was a great help for dealing with my nieces and nephews during a tough time for everyone.
There are a wide variety of sources of information online, but often the most helpful are the forums. This is where people discuss issues close to their heart and reach out to others for guidance. Some useful forums for Eye cancer, particularly Eye Melanoma are: – irrelevant if you’re living in the UK, Australia or North America, the advice is relevant and the topics helpful. – for patients themselves, this is a great resource. Of course, it’s not limited to patients, family and friends can contribute and take part in the discussion.


There is always support through your own network or external groups if you want to hunt it out. For newly diagnosed patients, the following website helps people to navigate their way through all of the options.

– Helplines

Speaking to professionals in your local area that can advise on specialized treatment and support is essential. There is a range of toll free numbers to call in every country; here are a couple of main ones:

North America:

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